A Little Sephora Shopping Spree

I had not been in a Sephora store in months! Isn't that completely crazy?! Actually, I have been buying up new products but just online as I haven't had the time to go to my favorite beauty retailer. Walking into one again after my short hiatus made me feel like a kid in a candy store! I just needed a new powder but I came home with a few extra goodies. Here is what I got:

I ended up with a new powder from Make Up Forever (which I LOVE by the way). I also got the Too Faced Natural Eye palette (another new fave) and then with my beauty points I got Beauty Balm. The happy little sales assocate working also gave me a sample of Flower Bomb parfum (guess what - I loved it!).

Looks like I'll need another trip to pick up my new favorite scent (and maybe a few other things as well).

What are your favorite products from Sephora? Share with us!

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