Brown Hair Color: The Upkeep

I had mentioned in my video tutorial on how to tease your hair properly that brown hair color is apt to get dull easily. Things like fading hair color, hair products, etc. can cause your beautiful brunette hue to look lackluster. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to keep your brown hair color looking shiny and new. Here is what to do:

Eva Mendes Dons a Beautiful Brunette Hue
First, make sure you are using the right shampoo and conditioner. You'll want to pick product specifically designed for color-treated tresses {if you color} or for brunette hair colors {good for both colored hair and virgin hair}. I really like the John Freida Brilliant Brunette line of products. Artec is another brand that has good shampoo and conditioner for all different brunette hair colors.

A Brown Hair Color That Has Dimension and Shine
Secondly, you'll want to use styling products designed to enhance shine. Try and pick a hairspray that adds shine, or skip the spray altogether and don a shine serum instead. I love Pureology ShineMax - it smells scrumptious and isn't too greasy. Plus, Pureology is known for protecting hair color. Use a bit before and after blow drying to give your brown hair a pretty sheen.

Kim Kardashian's Brilliant Brunette 'Do
You'll also want to pick up some specialty products for brunette hair. Again, John Freida makes a fabulous glaze that will add oomph to your hair in-between coloring sessions at the salon. I use it at least once per week. You can choose the brunette version or just clear {FYI - they have colors for every hair color, not just brunettes}.

Jennifer Garner adds a touch of highlights to brighten her brown hair.
Finally, seek professional help when it comes to coloring your hair {especially if you are changing it more than one shade lighter or darker}. If you simply must color your own hair at home, try to only touch up the roots. You can pull the color through the rest of your hair every third time you color, but no more, otherwise you run the risk of creating a muddy looking color.

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