Loving the Spring 2012 Nail Polish Colors

I am on a nail polish kick this week or something. I wanted to share all my favorite Spring 2012 Nail Polish Colors with you. First up:

OPI Samoan Polish

Yay! So happy that neutrals are still in. I love all the creamy beige and soft pink hues.

Fem Colors:
CND SHellac Hot Pop Pink

Ultra feminine colors also are going to be popular for Spring 2012. Think rose pink, pretty coral and cherry red.

Bright Pops of Color:

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Chartreuse
Bright pops of color on your nails are perfect for Spring 2012 nails - they can be worn like an accessory to brighten up a bland outfit.

Patterned Nails:
Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

With Minx, nail stickers and ultra talented nail techs out there, patterned nails are easily achievable. Get the look with Sally Hansen Salon Effects.

Do you love all the Spring 2012 Nail Polish Colors and Trends? Which trend is your fave? I have to say that I really love neutrals the best!


  1. you just inspired me to paint my nails!

    Bon Vivant + a Budget

  2. Glad I could help Helene ; )

    Let me know what color you go for!

  3. I love the nail wraps! They are really fun for my 8 year old too, and last longer on her nails than regular polish! I use them on my toes :)

  4. Crafting Rebellion ~ Have you tried the "Love Letter" wraps? They wouldn't stay on quite as nice for me : (

    xo Kristle



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