Jennifer Aniston Brown Hair: Color Switch for 'Horrible Bosses' Movie

Jennifer Aniston
Is Jennifer Aniston having a mid-life crisis? She just colored her hair brown. The color is reminiscent of her pre-Friends days and has been dyed because of a new role in a movie (Horrible Bosses) in which she plays a "bad girl". Hmm, is the girl trying to one-up Angelina or what?

Jennifer Aniston Brown Hair

I'm a tad bit disappointed since I was in love with her new blonde 'do. Do you remember just a few weeks ago when she chopped her locks and lightened it a few shades? If not, here is a pic to refresh your memory:

Jennifer Aniston Short Blonde 'Do
So what do you think of Jennifer Aniston's brown hair? Leave your comments!


  1. I think the brown hair must be a wig, because the movie filmed several months ago and I don't remember seeing her with it in any paparazzi pics. Actually, in paparazzi pics from the past week or so, she still has the blonde bob. So don't worry, she didn't actually color it!

  2. I really like her with darker hair. Hollywood is full of blondes and I think the color really makes her eyes pop. As a blond she looks a little washed out, gorgeous, but the dark hair really brings out her facial features and improves her beauty.

  3. I haven't ever done this with curlers but here is what I think you could do to get this look: put your hair up is curlers, then when you take them out, flat iron the ends a little bit to smooth them out so they aren't as curly.

  4. I too believe its a wig or hair pieces....she has could she have grown them out so fast...when she was on talk shows promoting the movie she had no bangs. I have bangs...and I know it takes forevvvvvver to grow them out! Therefore, I believe its not her real hair.



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