Hot Pants = Hot Beach Bod

Summer is here and everywhere we turn we’re confronted with pics of celeb’s beach bods. Don't let it intimidate you because I just may have found a true quick fix. Zaggora Hot Pants! Have you heard of them?

My friends at the company recently sent over a pair for me to try (I do have to note that I am not paid or obligated to write anything about the pants - I just thought I'd share an honest opinion):

The promise is that these Zaggora Hot Pants:
·Increase energy expenditure during exercise by 6% versus the control garment. Hot Pants increase energy expenditure in the hour after exercise by 26%*.

·30 minutes of exercise, weight loss is around 4x greater in Hot Pants than in a standard garment. On average, subjects lost 1.13% of body mass in Hot Pants compared to 0.27% in the control garment.


·Hot Pants increase the core body temperature by an average of 18% more than the control garment, which leads to an increase in metabolism.

I have to say that I was extremely skeptical but with summer here I decided to give them a try. The first week I wore them three times for 30 minutes each (I did two Jillian Michaels workouts plus a walk), the second week I only wore them twice (once for a Barre3 workout and once for a walk). By the end of the second week, I did lose 1.5 pounds so perhaps these things really do the trick. I also noticed that my little post-partum pooch seemed smoother too.

All-in-all, it could be that I am working out hard, eating right and now am seeing results or it really could be the pants...either way, I would definitely by these baby's again - although I'd prefer the pink pair this time around ; )

Price:  $79.71
Where to

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