Bang Trim Tutorial: How to Cut Your Own Fringe at Home

If you have ever thought about trimming your own bangs {or have already done it}, you'll want to read this! As a former hairstylist, I still do the hair of many friends and family. One problem they always have is bangs growing out in between trims. I used to offer free bang trims to all my clients in the salon - but there are always some of you who just need a trim RIGHT. NOW. So, here is a little bang trim tutorial so that you end up with the most perfect bang trim possible without stepping foot into a salon:

Step 1: Comb your hair forward {only the bangs please}.
Step 2: Insert your scissors so that they are at a slight angle to the bottom of your bangs.

Step 3: Cut a small triangle out of your bangs.

Step 4: See that one where I just cut {now you can see my nose...see?} - repeat, notching out small triangles from the length of your bangs - you'll end up with bangs that look like this ^^^^^^^^ at the bottom.

Step 5: That's it! Your bangs will be shorter and you will have a fabulous texturized fringe. If, after styling, you feel like your bangs aren't short enough, go back and repeat the steps til you get your desired length.

Do we like the new 'do with bangs? I asked ya'll on Facebook awhile back and you, almost unanimously, said that you'd like to see me in here they are - let me know what you think!

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