Fish Tail Braid Tutorial {with pics!}

Don't you just love all the braided hairstyles that are out there right now? I certainly do! I especially love the fish tail braid - so, so cute! This braid looks ultra fancy but it is a cinch to do yourself. Wanna know how? Here it is {thanks to the staff at Glamour magazine}

Step 1: Brush out hair {I like to flat iron as well for a smooth look, but you can leave your hair in its natural texture for a slightly messy look}

Step 2: Pull hair over to one side and divide it into two equal sections {creating two ponytail-esque sections}We'll call them sections 1 and 2 to simplify things a bit.

Step 3: Take a small piece of hair from the outside of section 1 and cross it over, putting it in with the hair in section 2.

Step 4: Then, simply take a small piece of hair from outside of section 2 and cross it over, putting it in with the hair in section 1. {easy, peasy, right?}

Step 5: Be sure to pull it all really tight before you start at step 3 all over again. Repeat steps 3 and 4 again and again until you get to the end of your hair and secure with a hair band.

Voila! You've got a fish tail braid! Now, I do want to warn you that it will take a few tries before you get it just right, but once you do you will LOVE it!!!

What do you think of the fish tail braid tutorial? Did you try it? Any tips you want to share with the rest of our readers?


  1. Pretty cool!!!

    Don't know if I said it already but happy new year!!!

  2. this is so cool!! love your blog :)! xx

  3. I needed this - thank you!




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