Three Easy Peasy Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself!

My whole household is sick this week. You name it, we've got it - from double ear infections to pink eye and everything in between! Needless to say that as a momma who is sick and taking care of a sick family, I am not feeling my most glamorous. So when these super easy peasy hairstyles came across my desk this morning, I had inspiration to actually put on a coat or two of mascara and spend a quick 2 minutes whipping out one of these looks. Anyway, just had to share -

Laura Prepon's Super Easy Pony  Hairstyle
What makes this side pony super cute and not just plain jane is the fact that she pinned a portion of her bangs back first with a cute little clip. This style is perfect for a morning after a long night - you know those mornings when you still have a bit of curl left in your hair from last night's style? Try it!

Thank you Blair Waldorf for this ginormous bow headband idea!
This ultra-feminine look is super simple - simply slide on a big bow or headband and voila, you've got an insta-style in less than 10 seconds! {ya, it might  help to brush your hair before too}

Rachel Bilson shows of an easy peasy braided look.
This braided look is sooo stylish and sooo easy to do. Simply braid a few tiny sections of hair on either side of your part, pull those braids back and pin into place. DONE.

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