Why You Should Throw Out Your Clarisonic...Like NOW!

So, remember the big Clarisonic craze that we all went through? You should toss your overpriced rotating facial brush in the trash like right now!
Ok, did you do it? No?! Well you should have! Why? Because as a beauty guinea pig, I tested out the Clarisonic for several months to make sure I could give you an accurate review. I wasn't sold on it right away since I was breaking out after two weeks of using the thing. I didn't think it gave me any better results than a regular 'ol face scrub.

Well - flash forward to a few weeks ago when my face turned on me and I looked like a model for the "before" shot for Proactiv. I couldn't figure out what the heck was going on with my skin so I kept that Clarisonic regimen up like a mad woman....only to break out more.

Flash forward again and I am sitting in my local dermatology office as he is telling me that Clarisonic and other like facial brushes are basically disgusting little bacteria carrying devices. They pick up bacteria that is presently on your skin, grow it overnight and then spread it all over your pretty face again in the morning. It is a vicious cycle!

Now, I know you crazy Clarisonic lovers are going to go nuts on me telling me how beautiful your skin is now that you've used Clarisonic for awhile. But just wait my friends, just wait. The derm doc tells me to warn you that it is only a matter of time.

What should you do instead? Well, if possible, return your Clarisonic and gain your small fortune back. If not, toss it or buy a new brush every 2 weeks to a month. Ready to get rid of it? I did! Replace your Clarisonic sessions with a grainy facial scrub instead.

Anyone else break out thanks to the Clarisonic?


  1. I totally broke out after using the clarisonic!! I thought i was the only one because every time i say that people look at me like i'm crazy! i went to the derm and he told me it was really bad for my skin. luckily i had only used mine for two weeks and so my husband sold it on ebay without the brush and was able to get a little back for it. i'm so glad to know i'm not the only one!

  2. Nope Emily - you definitely weren't the only one!

    xo Kristle

  3. I've used mine for a year now and have never broken out. I love what it does for my skin. Now, I also remove the brush and wash it out regularly, like the instructions say you should, and I replace my brush every three months. Maybe this is why I haven't had problems. I don't have sturdy skin (I use the sensitive brush) so it can't be that I'm not as prone to breakouts as others. I just pray my Clairsonic continues to work because I'll cry if I have to give it up!

  4. Hi Allison - I think that there are a lot of people that LOVE their Clarisonic and that's great but my skin is still recovering! Hope it continues to give you great skin ; )

    xo Kristle



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