Like Tinted Moisturizer? Then You Will Love This!

cid:image007.jpg@01CC2B79.39F2C370If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know how much I love tinted moisturizer! The lightweight moisture quenches your skin just enough while providing a sheer coverage so your skin looks naturally flawless.

What if I told you that I had found a product that works like a tinted moisturizer for your body? I know, kind of weird, right?! But it is FABULOUS! Stretch marks are concealed, skin tone is left nice and even and your body will feel ultra moisturized but never greasy.

Miracle Skin Transformer does exactly that and comes in three color choices {no color, glow and bronze}. Massage it in anywhere on your body that you need to improve. Bikini season? No problem - rub this baby on your belly and your skin will transform. I am going to get some of this for any dimply reminiscence that may be on my thighs during the summer months. The best part is that it doesn't rub off onto clothes {hurray - your secret will be safe}. The Miracle Skin Transformer doesn't cover as much as say, a full coverage foundation would on your face, it simply evens out your skin tone and makes everything look a bit better - the same as a tinted moisturizer does on your face {this brand also has a tinted moisturizer for your face FYI}.

PS ~ Right now, if you order $25 worth of goodies from, you can pick a mini version up of this to try for yoruself FOR FREE!

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