Got Long Hair? Try These!

I have spent the past two years growing my hair out of the cutest little short haircut that looked horrendous on me. Anyhoo, I was parousing the Glamour website when I found these ideas for long hair. {Side note - I think that they would look equally cute on shorter strands too!}

~Ginormous Hair Bow~

I put these humongous hair bows on my girls all the time and I think they look adorable - but I never thought to try one for me! {Ok, I lied - I always think that I want to wear one - and now I will}

~Side Braid~
I love the look of this simple yet chic side braid. So easy to do and it looks great on virtually anybody!

~Go Brown!~
Duchess Catherine brown is the new blonde. So head to the salon and do a brunette hue switcheroo today!

~High Hair Bun~
Forgo the ponytail when dealing with day-old hair and sweep hair up into a high hair bun a la Jessica Simpson.

Which is your favorite long hair style?

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely LOVE long hair! and all these hairstyles are so pretty!

    <3 Marina



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