The 5 Cutest Holiday Nail Ideas!

The 5 Cutest Holiday Nail Ideas! Although I prefer to keep my mani looking fresh with a French manicure most of the time, a girl can't resist a little sparkle so check out 5 of my fave holiday nail ideas here -
Lovin' these candy cane stripes but they would look best on super short nails.
 A little bit of glitz never hurt anybody!
This black looks a little festive with a rock and roll edge!
Love, love, love this sparkly frenchy mani!
I would TOTALLY toast to the new year with this gilded mani!
What kind of holiday nail art are you going for this year? I'll probably keep it simple and do the sparkly frenchy version.


  1. Amazing blog! And adorable post! I found it when looking for holiday nail images for my blog as a reference. I'm you're newest subscriber! I will be posting a share link to this on my blog today.

  2. Can you list out the nailpolish colors you have used in each picture?



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