Back to the Barre3 Challenge

Yay for me - I didn't indulge during Thanksgiving too much! Now it's time to hop back onto the Barre3 Challenge bandwagon and keep it up! I'm already 2 workouts down this week so instead of standing in freezing cold lines for Black Friday, I'm gonna do my Barre3 workout in my cozy little family room!

Did you overindulge at all this Thanksgiving?

1 comment:

  1. I didn't overindulge this Thanksgiving at all. I stayed home while my boyfriend and my daughter went up to Washington to celebrate at his parents. It was my intention to catch up on school projects without my daughter bouncing around my living room.

    Instead, I ended up sleeping for nearly half a day and it made me feel sick. I was going to spend some quality time with my Barre3 DVD, but I hula hooped and it put me into an even deeper funk.

    I hope the ab work is going swell for you. It took me nearly half a year to be able to do it without a pause and tears streaming down my face. I, too, stayed in on Black Friday with Barre3, I'm not one for crowds or pandemonium.



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