Deal Crazy

Contributed by Maria Ruiz

I like to shop. I like to shop a lot. I like to shop probably more than most people. Another thing I really like is getting good deals. This means that when I am shopping I often go to the internet to try and find the best deal possible on any one item. Getting a good deal is like is like my holy grail. I get so angry when I finally decide that I am going to buy something, buy it, and then see it somewhere else for less. I’ll go to great lengths to satisfy my urges, so I clearly expect my internet service to be on my side. I wanted to change internet services for a while because mine kept on cutting out at the most inopportune times. A friend of mine recommended Clear and I thought it was worth checking out. When I searched Clear Internet Pasco I was shocked to see how much they offered for so little. I was able to get internet that works and not get bound into a long term contract. Finding this great deal also satisfied the crazy shopper in me!

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