What You Should Know About Vanity Sizing

Have you ever wondered why you are a size small in one store and a size medium in another? Or why you feel so skinny when you can slide into those size 27 jeans in your fave brand but a size 29 in another brand is too snug to fit over your thighs? This is all due to a little known thing called vanity sizing. {Oooh, what's that they ask}

Since we all want to be super duper skinny, anything with a smaller size listed on the tag is sure to lure us in right? Right! I sure am a sucker for this. Different stores and brands have varying definitions of the same size - weird isn't it?

Designers know how women are swayed by size and how we will be more apt to buy a product if it appeals to our own vanity. So what do these designers do? They add extra inches to fabric without changing the size. So when you hear about celebs fitting into a 00, its not that they are that thin (although some really are), it's that that 00 is actually a size 2.

Make sense? Sure it does! But whether you like it or not, vanity sizing is here to stay {and truth be told - I do like it - it makes me feel better - hee hee}.

How do you feel about vanity sizing?


  1. This is such an amazing and much needed information. I really don't care about sizing that much but have noticed that my jean sizes completely varies depending on the brand. This is awesome doll.

    <3 Marina

  2. Marina - I think that this is so interesting too! I will always be loyal to the brands that make me feel like a skinny minny : )



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