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Health and beauty conscious mommy, Anu, sends a few skincare tips for us today from http://beautysecrets-reviewed.com/
Sharing a few recipes of homemade tips for skin I try randomly for different purposes .
1) Egg white mask for pore-tightening -
Break one egg, separate the egg white, add a pinch of baking soda and whisk to get an even mixture. Apply for about 20 minutes or until the mask is completely dry. Then rinse well with cold water. Don’t use the warm water as the warmth will again lead to opening the pores. It is a sure-shot remedy for open pores and oily skin. Removes some blackheads too.
2)  Instant pore-tightening with ice -
Sometimes we don’t have enough time to prepare and apply the mask. But the toner we use may be failing to do its job of closing the pores. Then here is what you can try to instantly close the pores before applying the makeup.
If you have ice-cubes ready in the freezer just use them to massage the face. If no ice-cubes, its ok. Just use anything that you have kept in the freezer and is sealed in the plastic properly. It may be a pack of green peas, take out some peas while they are frozen and massage on the face. No harm done here, as we use vegetables and fruits for the skincare all the time. If nothing in your freezer, go ahead and use a cold bottle of water or even a bottle of jam from the fridge. Wipe the bottle with a clean paper towel to make sure its clean and place it on the open pores areas for 1-2 minutes shifting to different areas to get the maximum out of the coldness before the bottle turns room-temperature. This is not  a long-lasting remedy, but does the job on a hot, sweaty day.
When possible, use green tea ice-cubes for a nourishing the skin.
3) Hot and Cold water rinse -
It is not a good idea to wash the face with cleansers too frequently. But if you can’t stand the oily look on your face, use this water-rinse method 2-3 times a day, apart from cleaning with the cleanser 2-3 times a day. this is particularly for oily skins. Dry skins can get away with doing this only once a day, that too only if needed.
Just when your face starts looking oily and pores look enlarged, splash the face with warm water first to open the pores and to dissolve the sebum and oil. Then follow up with cold water splashes for a longer time to close the pores back. Don’t overdo with the warm water. You don’t want to open the pores too much. Avoid rubbing the face while doing this, it will only spread the oil all over the skin and skin will feel irritated because of the warm water.
4) Icing sugar quick scrub -
Fine textured icing sugar can be a lifesaver when you need to exfoliate your face and you find out that you have run out of your favorite scrub. Sometimes I even prefer the icing sugar over any cream scrub for a smooth, glowing skin. Good thing is that most of the times it is readily found in your kitchen.
Only dampen the face lightly, don’t splash it with water, otherwise the icing sugar will dissolve right away. Take about 2/3 pinches of fine icing sugar in the palm of your hand, don’t rub the palms together, apply it on the face in spots and start working it all over in circular motions. You will feel the coarseness of he sugar exfoliating the skin just for enough time, until it dissolves in the dampness on the face. Rinse off with cold water and ta-da….you got the effect of a scrub and a glycolic peel combined together. Yes, glycolic acid is made from the sugars in the fruits and even our regular sugar has the glycol in it. This scrub works great for lips exfoliation as well.
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  1. I missed out on one more trick to tighten the pores...using lemon essential oil. Works great. Just that makes the skin quite dry.

  2. Aloe Vera gel is also good and effective for skin care.



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