Feeling Curvalicious? You Should!

You know that awful feeling you get when you've gained an extra 10 pounds pound? I do too! I decided to make myself feel better by looking up curvalicious celebs - I promise they will make you feel better about your curvier shape too.

Curvalicious Kim K.
Thank you Kim Kardashian for making us feel better about our big butts!

Jessica Simpson flaunts it!
Good for you Jessica Simpson for not being afraid to flaunt it after you've gained a few lb's!

Christina Hendricks Curves
Christina Hendricks isn't afraid to flaunt her curvalicious figure!

Reese in a bikini
Reese Witherspoon shows the world her bikini body - is it bikini ready? Who cares!

My point is that just because you are curvier than your BFF or your sister or your neighbor or your co-worker or the girl you see on TV doesn't mean...well, it doesn't mean anything! Go on a shopping spree! Go buy new accessories - flaunt what you've got girl because in 5 years you'll look back and think you were a goddess!

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    Thanks sooooo much!



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