Five Inexpensive Beauty Treatments to Try When You Are Feeling Blue

Feeling blue? We've all been there - you just don't feel quite right and you want to slump around in your sweatpants and work. Well, luckily I blog from my home office so that doesn't pose as a problem so much. But for the rest of the non-blogging world, feeling this way can be...well, it can be just crappy. Sooo, here are my tried and true beauty treatments that you should try when you need a little pick-me-up.

1) One Fabulous Hair Accessory
A ginormous flower hair accessory that goes with everything I own is all I need to pick me up sometimes. Remember my post about vintage hair accessories that can be found here. A new headband was all I needed. Is your bad mood beyond the help of hair accessories? Perk yourself up with a few face framing highlights instead.

2) Whiter Teeth = Happier You!

White teeth always make you want to smile - so why not go pick up some inexpensive strips at Target. You'll notice a difference in a day or two and everyone around you will shower with compliments about how white your teeth are - really - I guarantee it!

3) Pedicure for your Pity Party

If you are throwing yourself a pity party, go out for a pedi instead. Warm water, a nice long massage and pretty pink posies when you are done - what's not to love?! Bonus points for beating the blues if you go with a girlfriend and then go out for champagne and appetizers after ; )

4) Brighten Your Mood with Bronzer

Or self tanner - whichever you want. Either way, you'll look like you just spent a few days on a nice, relaxing vacay. I LOVE self tanners - they conceal all your little imperfections and make you look fab in a matter of minutes. Isn't instant gratification wonderful!

5) Scrub Your Woes Away
For the best results, get one for your face and a separate one for your body. My favorite body scrub is the Lavender Chamomile Sugar Scrub from Bath and Body Works --- oooh, it works wonders to make me feel better. I have yet to find a favorite face scrub though so if any of you know of some ones that are just fab, let me know!

So that's it - do you feel better yet? If not, its time to splurge and head to the spa! How do you perk yourself up on down days - do you try a new lip color, call in sick to work, take a walk outside? Share with us!

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  1. Thank you so much for this post specially because I'm sort of feeling blue today so will be trying a couple of this for sure.

    <3 Marina



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