University Sports Apparel

My sister just started college and I love hearing about all the fun things she is doing. It takes me back to my own college days - fraternity parties, freedom, college sports and oh ya, freedom! She is doing all of this and more - but since she is such a sports enthusiast, I thought I would pick up some cute little college themed t-shirts and sweatshirts for her. What do you think? {Please don't be reading this Kaitlyn}

I found this place online, The University Supply Store, that has all sorts of fun little college themed goodies. If you are from the south, you'll love their Alabama apparel including University of Alabama shirts. The site is run by the University of Alabama so students can also pick up textbooks, graduation stuff and other college goodies from the site.

So what do you think? College themed sports apparel a do or a don't for a newbie like my sister?

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