To Chop or Not to Chop...that really is my question!

So, I took all this time to grow out my bangs and now I am thinking I miss them. So in honor of my great indecision, here are some bang/no-bang celebrity looks for you to sound off on:

Audrina Patridge with and without bangs.
Reese with a few different options.
I think Selena Gomez should stay away from the scissors - without bangs looks amazing on her!

Kim Kardashian with and without bangs - I can't decide which I like better?!
Cheryl Cole should never do these types of bangs again!
Rachel Bilson with and without bangs - she looks adorable both ways.
Lindsay Price - hmm, I can't decide if I like her with the bangs or without?
So what do you think of these looks? Personally, I'd go for the side-swept kind if I did it again. Here are some pics of  me with bangs and then without. Let me know which one I should go with:
With bangs
Somewhere in between
No bangs.
Help me before I grab the scissors!

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