Raccoon Eye Help!

I despise my under eye circles. This is why I secretly love when trashy magazines near the checkout line in the supermarket show celebrities without makeup - then I know I am not the only one suffering from them.

See, Penelope Cruz has them
Julia Roberts has got them too!
Kim K even has them.
So are all of us with under eye circles destined to be a slave to concealers? Nope! Vivexin Dark Und​er Eye C​ream​ was just released and has been uber popular in European countries like France. Vivexin is brand spankin' new to us in the U.S. and is formulated to reduce dark circles PLUS fight fine lines and wrinkles around the eye too! Vivexin guarantees you to see results in 90 days.

I sooo need this product - I think I have tried just about every other eye cream under the sun with no help for these raccoon-esque circles.

Do you suffer from dark under eye circles? 

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