Beauty Products that wage a war on Breast Cancer!

Did you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month? Well, it is. According to the American Cancer Society, the chance of a woman having invasive breast cancer some time in her life is 1 in 8. For me, that means out of my seven aunts, my Aunt Gina got it. Lucky for me and everyone around her, she is still here!

But look around at your closest group of of you is likely to get this horrible cancer once in your life. That is a scary thing. Things you can do to prevent breast cancer include:
*Maintain a healthy weight (a BMI of less than 25 is ideal)
*Exercise regularly - get on that treadmill girl!
*Eat 7 or more servings of fruits and veggies daily (Jamba Juice, here I come!)
*Take your vitamins regularly! A multivitamin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Fish Oil is what you'll need.

You can also help fight breast cancer with these fabulous beauty products:

The only proprietary fragrance created to benefit breast cancer research: Promise Me Eau de Parfum, $59 for 3.4oz,
A sporty brand does an all-girl scent: Lacoste Joy of Pink Perfume, $65,
It's sustainable too!: Hanae Mori No. 4 Eau de Parfum, $95,

Two jars of this magic moisturizer normally cost $135: Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture by Murad, $85 for 2 x 1.7fl oz,
Great as gifts or stocking stuffers: Body Shop Soft Hands Kind Heart hand cream, $7,
A beauty product that supports Breast Cancer Awareness in more ways than one: Fenomenole breast self exam oil, $13,
Makeup & Nails:
Pretty punk nails draw attention to the cause: O.P.I. Pink of Hearts Shatter, $6,
Part of a complete collection of give-back makeup products: L'Oreal The Color of Hope eyeshadow palette, $9, for more info
Glow from the inside out: IMAN sheer finish bronzer, $16,

Medicine cabinet eye candy: Aquage finishing spray, $21 for 10oz,
A bright, beautiful print for your morning blowdry: Remington zebra print hairdryer, $17,
Choose your favorite, they all give back: Free Your Mane restoring products, hair oil, $25, masque $20, reviving spray, $15,

I've got my eye on that zebra print hairdryer and OPI Pinks of Hearts Shatter. Do you have a sister, mother, aunt, friend (or yourself) that has been touched by breast cancer? What's your story?

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