Missoni Madness!

Did any of you head out to your local Target for the Missoni Madness that is creating crazy frenzies across the country? I sure did! I woke up and after getting the girls ready, we got out the door by 10 a.m. but that was super late for other fashion lovers around here apparently. When I got to the store, many things were picked through and there was very little left on the shelf. Here's a pic of what was left on the kids rack:
So after seeing this crazy nonsense, I headed to the shoe section because I knew I definitely wanted to snag a pair of Missoni ballet flats. There was way more in the shoe section than the kids. I looked and looked and didn't see any size 7's anywhere! I began to sweat and saying swear words in my head. I grabbed the display pair and whatdyaknow...size 7! Woot woot : )
Then I headed to the home section. I saw a few things here and there but all of it was a bit too mod for my Pottery Barn esque home decor, so I passed. Off to the cosmetics section where I wanted to get a few cosmetics bags for my purse. The ones I wanted were not on the shelf. Grrr... Soooo, what's a girl to do? Naturally, I stalked down found an annoyed friendly salesperson so that she could check if there were any more in the back. After 10 minutes of asking here and there, they found one more of each one I wanted. Here they are:
I picked the ones with the black and beige pattern (which were way cuter in real life than in pics). My girls were starting to get annoyed at this point since their snacks had ran out and I was running here and there across Target. So I quickly headed to the clothing section. This is about what was left:
I couldn't find anything that really caught my eye or that I couldn't live without and nada in my size anyway.

Looking back, I wish I would have scooped up more to sell on eBay like some others did. But then, on the other hand, I feel like it isn't fair that people do that. Just let fashion lovers go to Target and get the great deal on Missoni that was supposed to be. What about all the poor people who had to work and couldn't get to Target til late in the day when there was nothing left but one pair of gloves on the rack?

What do you think of these eBay sellers? Do you think its right that they buy things on the cheap just to resell to desperate fashion lovers for more later? Or do you think its a great way to make some extra $$$? I want to hear your opinion!

Also, were you able to snag any Missoni steals since it was unveiled yesterday?


  1. I got a pair of Missoni flats just like your's and I was super excited about them. I wore them one day, and then I saw that the bottom of the shoes were all scraped up and coming off! I took them back and I was a little disappointed, but at least I got to wear them for one day!

  2. Oh no - one day they fell apart? I haven't worn mine yet - I'm too busy breaking in my new leopard flats. What a bummer about Missoni though : (



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