Did you know....

Hey readers! Did you know that your beloved beauty blog has a Facebook page? If I haven't crammed it down your throats enough, please come on over and check out our FB page. While you are there, why not click on "like" hmmmm?

Our FB page offers tasty tidbits and morsels of beauty, fashion and celeb goodies that you just can't get from the blog alone. Plus you'll get to know me (you know, the writer behind the whole blog) a bit better.

Hope to see you over there!

Oh and PS...here is our link: 



  1. hi!

    Cute blog, lots of nice ideas. I love fashion. Found you through MBC! You can find me @ http://eyevida.blogspot.com/

    -your new follower

  2. Thanks Normies! I am your newest follower too! Gotta love the MBC : )

    xo Kristle



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