What I'm Loving Now: Uber Bright Lip Tint

I love juicy looking bright lip tints for summer. There is something about a hot pink or coral lip color that just screams "SUMMER-TIME". Even though its been awfully cold over here in California, I still want to don a bright lip tint to show the world that I am ready for warmer weather! Here are some of my favorite bright lip tints:

Demi is wearing a hot pink lip tint here

I don't care what anyone says...I love matchy matchy! Especially this coral color!

Is it me  or does this pink make Alexis' eyes pop?

Flaunt what you've got...even if its not much. This orange-y colored lip tint is fab!

I love bright red lips like Taylor Swift is sporting...just wish I could pull them off.
So, before you slap on that neon lip tint, read through these user-friendly instructions to make sure your lip tint stays where it should (and doesn't end up on your teeth!):

1) Apply a lip primer like Too Faced Lip Insurance before you do anything. A lip primer works like a foundation primer does and provides a smooth base for lip tint to adhere to.

2) Line your lips. Use a lip liner in the same color as you chosen lip tint. Don't have the same color? Then, use a nude lip liner instead.

3) Apply lipstick with a lipbrush. Forgo applying it straight from the tube.

4) Blot and repeat Step 3.

5) Voila! Beautiful bright lips!

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