Vintage Hair Clips

Remember all my talk about spicing up my hair style and color (read about it here)? Well, after much thought and deliberation I decided that instead of adding high maintenance highlights or cutting all my hair off (just to regret it the moment I walk out the salon doors), I would just accessorize! So, I went and swooped up some fabulous vintage hair clips to help my hair out. Here are some vintage hair clips styles that I love so much that I have to share with you:

I am loving all the floral in these vintage hair clips--they are all kinds of adorbs!

Wild and Colorful:

I love these--wild and colorful vintage hair clips and headbands are the ideal way to add a punch of color into your whole ensemble.


There are two things a girl cannot have enough and sparkles!
Here is how I spiced up my hairstyle with the help of hair accessories:

Do you like it? It is actually a headband with two tiny bows on top with sparkle detail in the centers of each bow.

Here is a close up:

Please don't mind the roots--its time for a touch up!

So what do you think? Do you see how it has taken my ho-hum boring brown hair into something much more? Do you accessorize your hair? Leave your comments!

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