My Skincare Savior

Thank goodness my Clarisonic Mia came in the mail this week. My skin has decided it hates me and is rebelling in the form of breakouts, uneven skintone and yucky dullness. Please rescue me Mia! If you haven't heard of Clarisonic (have you been hiding under a rock?!), then let me tell you all about its newer, cuter little sister product, Mia.

The Clarisonic Mia retails for around $125 to $150 and is a smaller, more travel-friendly version of the original sonic face-cleansing brush). Other differences? The Mia comes with only one speed (I never had the original and so I can't tell you what the difference was) and shuts off automatically after about a minute.

The Mia is fabulous because it is less expensive than the original, smaller and cuter and comes in a variety of colors and styles.

I'll have to keep you updated on how it is saving my skin...but so far so good. I am on day 3 of using this little gizmo and I can already see a difference in the brightness and clarity of my skin-YAY!

Do you have the Clarisonic? What do you think?

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