8 Year Old Botox Junkie?!

Have you all heard about this 8 year old botox junkie? You can read the full story at Huffington Post. Basically, the mother claims that her 8 year old pageant contestant daughter was complaining about wrinkles and so the mother/part-time esthetician complete lunatic gave her daughter botox injections all over her face.

The 8 year old botox "addicted" daughter, when asked by a Good Morning America anchor, claims that she doesn't know why she gets botox and that it hurts. The mother defends the injections claiming that other pageant moms do it as well. The crazy mother also claims that she gets her botox from a good source who is "behind the scenes" in the "doctor scene" as she says it. What does this mean? Her former meth addict boyfriend is a janitor at a hospital and steals botox for her to inject into her 8 year olds face?

Does it stop there you ask? No! The mom also waxes the little girls leg hair in an effort to stop its growth in the future. She also wants to get her eyebrows and lip liner tattooed on in the near future as well. OMG, someone call social services please!

Fortunately, authorities are looking into the case to see if they can prosecute for child endangerment. THANK the Lord for that one!

So what do you think of this little girl getting botox? Should pageants be eradicated because of the insane behavior of pageant mothers including giving their 8 year old botox, whitening their teeth and waxing their hair? Leave your comments!

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  1. Such a person should be in jail. She tried to take advantage of a little girl. I would be ashamed to call myself a mother in such a case. Thank Good they took the girl away from that monster.



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