Help Me Choose a Hair Accessory!

Hello Readers--

Today I need your help choosing a hair accessory for a very important day. I am renewing my vows to my hubby of 5 years and need a fabulous hair accessory for the big day. Now this hair accessory can't be as great as a veil but I want something a bit more than bobby pins (know what I mean?).

Here are some ideas I had in mind:

Love this look. It is a small little mini veil--perfect for a vow renewal in the church! I'm loving the pearls too.

I am also in love with these bridal headband styles:

Gorgeous! But is it too much?
What about this one....

Similar but oh-so-different.

This next one adds just enough sparkle. Gotta have a little shine and sparkle, right?

So simple and so pretty.

What about flowers?

What do you think?

And finally...

Pretty huh?

Ok, so what do you think readers? Which one do I wear? Which one looks best with my dress? Leave your comments!

1 comment:

  1. I think the flowers with a skinny headband look very chic. Can't wait to hear what you pick!



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