Beauty on a Budget

Want sexy Giselle-esque hair and healthy looking skin without spending a small fortune? Then I have your beauty on a budget guide!

Aaah, those Victoria's Secret models. Not only do they have bodies to die for, they have the most enviable beachy waves you can dream of. I love using sea salt spray to get my hair bouncy, wavy and full of volume. Although sea salt spray is relatively inexpensive, I tend to stick with my regular hair products--shampoo, conditioner, hair glaze (you may remember me talking about it here), leave-in conditioner, styling cream, shine-spray and hair spray and avoid getting anything else. If you are a cheapskate like me are on a budget, try making your own sea salt spray with this recipe from Beauty and the Bath:

Simply purchase an empty spray bottle and a package of Sea Salt from the grocery store and you are ready to go.

Step 1: Mix a couple of teaspoons of the Sea Salt in with two cups of water.

Step 2: Pour the blend into your spray bottle and shake well.

Step 3: Once the Sea Salt has dissolved, you are ready to create gorgeous beach waves.

Although I would love to pick up a Clarisonic from my local Sephora, I don't have an extra $200 to spend on this little miracle worker. I do, however, have an extra $30 to spend on a Clarisonic knock-off. Allow me to introduce you to...Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System.

This little baby costs a fraction of what the Clarisonic does and and works just as well. Users report their skin looking "fresher" and "cleaner" with amazing results in under three weeks! I am definitely picking this up on my next Target run.

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