Clarisonic Brush Alternative

So everyone I know has been raving about the Clarisonic brush, yet as a beauty writer I have not got around to getting one. I’m not sure if it’s the cost that is stopping me or the fact that I feel like it is another trendy gadget that will fall off the face of the Earth real soon and be replace by something bigger and better. Either way, I have come across a Clarisonic Brush alternative that I would like to share with all my non-Clarisonic brush owning readers.

The L’Oreal Go 360 Clean Deep Exfoliating Scrub is a deep cleansing manual scrub that even comes with a handy dandy “scrublet” which is a little hand held rubber brush to dive even deeper into those icky pores of yours! With a not-too-gritty feel, this scrub will clean your pores out and make your skin glow at the same time. For around six bucks, this is a Clarisonic brush alternative that is definitely worth a try.

Take that Clarisonic brush!!!

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