Bare Faced Beauty

It seems that no makeup is the new look lately. Jessica Simpson graced the cover of Marie Claire recently sans any makeup or hair products. Although, special lighting and a hair guru like Ken Paves doing your hair may help in that department. But she isn’t the only celeb to sport this bare faced beauty trend. Heidi Klum and Diane Kreuger also went bare faced in a recent issue of People.

I think celebs want to show the world that they are real people too. And although you may not want to admit it, you know you copy the way stars style their hair, do their makeup and dress. So this bare faced beauty trend is a way for them to show you how to feel beautiful in your own skin without all the makeup and beauty products.

Although I don’t think I’ll be going completely bare, it is nice to know that it is fashionable to do so. With summer fast approaching, here are some tips on how to ‘go bare’ without skipping all the steps.

Use Tinted Moisturizer with SPF

Products that provide multiple steps in one are always in my makeup arsenal. Try a tinted moisturizer with SPF in lieu of foundation for a lightweight feel with light coverage as well.

Use a blush/bronzer combo product. Give yourself a sun-kissed appearance with a blush/bronzer combo product instead of using traditional blush. This will give skin a radiant appearance like you spent the weekend on the beach.

Add a coat of mascara and voila! One or two coats of a glossy black mascara will brighten your eyes and finish off your bare faced beauty look.

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