Kate Gosselin’s New Bob Hairstyle

Well folks, she finally listened! I have been writing about how Kate Gosselin needs to ditch her do’s and get a short graduated bob hairstyle. Well that bob hairstyle is here courtesy of the Ted Gibson Salon.

If you have been following Kate’s hairstyle, you know that she began this hair-iffic story with the reverse mullet. From there she went on to get long, straggly extensions. And then came the mop that she debuted for her ‘Dancing with the Stars’ promo pictures. Finally, it seems that someone from the Ted Gibson Salon in Los Angeles reached out to the reality star and gave her a helping hand. Celebrity stylist Ted Gibson must read my blog ; )

Kate Gosselin’s new bob hairstyle is perfect for her and for any busy woman on the go. The style is simple to do yourself at home. To style, use a touch of styling cream on damp, clean hair. Part hair diagonally to one side and then dry hair upside down until it is about 75% dry. Finish drying with a medium round brush, curling all hair under. You can flat iron for a sleeker look or leave as is, adding a bit of shine serum to help fight frizz.

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