Best Body Products for Before, During and After Pregnancy

Being a new mom (a double dose of new mom at that), the memory of being pregnant and post-partum is fresh in my mind. During pregnancy I tried just about every type of skincare and body products designed for this special time. I decided to share my secret weapon body products with everyone who is newly pregnant (to avoid stretch marks) or newly post-partum (to help put everything back in place).

Mustela brand skincare and body products were my best friend during and after pregnancy. I spoke with a sales representative for the company who told me that they used luxury ingredients in their products but kept their prices reasonable to appeal to new and expecting moms. That is great news for us huh!?

Pregnancy Body Products:

Mustela’s Stretch Marks Double Action body product worked fabulously for preventing stretch marks. I used it after a former hair client recommended it to me (she used it and avoided stretch marks as well). I have to say that I used it throughout my first pregnancy and had no stretch marks. During my second pregnancy, my doctor told me to stop paying so much money and just rub some cocoa butter on my belly. Halfway through my pregnancy, I used cocoa butter instead and whaddyaknow…slight stretch marks appeared! I should have stuck with Mustela.

Post Partum Body Products:

Mustela won my love again after I tried their Post-Partum Restructuring Gel and Specific Support Bust. I suggest using the Post-Partum Restructuring Gel daily in conjunction with a Belly Bandit type of post-partum tummy support to get your belly back to flat ASAP.

If you are worried about the ‘girls’ sagging, use Mustela’s Specific Support Bust. It will keep your bust exactly where it should be and not down around your knees. Use it daily and wear a supportive bra or nursing bra until your ‘girls’ go back to their normal size.

If you want to try any of the Mustela products, you can purchase them at their website, or at most maternity clothing stores.

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