Trend Alert: Braided Hair Styles for Spring

You may remember the braided hair styles trend that went on last summer. Personally, I loved the look; it was effortless to achieve and looked very chic. Well if you loved the look just as much as I did you will be happy to know that the braided hair styles trend is back for Spring of ’10. The new look is very similar to the braided hair styles of last summer so if you got plenty of practice in then, you will be able to pull off this style effortlessly. Braid challenged? Follow these tips to get the look:

French Braids

French braid a small section of hair from one side to the other in the front of your hairline. Not only does this look oh-so-cute, but it also keeps hair from getting in your face. You can make your braid big or little depending on the look you want to achieve.

One Big Braid

One big traditional braid (or fishtail braid) down the back of your hair is also a great look. Wear this braided hair styles look with a spring dress and cardigan for a super simple and cute look.

One Look to Avoid

Avoid braiding hair into two braids down the sides of your head or you run the risk of looking youthful (and not in a good way).

Braids for the Challenged

If you are braid challenged, you can still get this look; use a braided headband or other braided accessory instead.

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