Product Review: Perfect 10 Clairol Hair Color Glaze

After writing about the new Clairol Hair Color campaign and spokeswoman, Angela Kinsey (from NBC’s The Office), I decided to give their Perfect 10 Color Glaze a try. After all, I am such a diehard fan of John Frieda’s Luminous Color Glaze, I thought that I should at least make an effort to try another brand of glaze.

The Perfect 10 Clairol Hair Color Glaze promises to give your hair a color and shine boost in only 10 minutes and even says it will cover gray’s! There are only a few simple directions to follow on the instruction pamphlet inside.

I put on my gloves before mixing the color and developer together. Then I shook the product up for twenty seconds like the instructions indicated. Since I not only had to touch up my roots, but refresh my existing color as well, I was able to test both applicators out. The first one, designed for your roots, was simple, straight-forward and easy to use. I got the hair color on my roots in less than three minutes (which is a far cry from the 10+ minutes it takes me when I use my typical bowl and brush application method). Then I waited five minutes and put the comb applicator on. I used it to comb the color through from the roots to the end of my hair. It fully saturated my hair and got the Clairol Hair Color all over for a nice even color. If you have long or ultra-thick strands, I would suggest purchasing two boxes of the Perfect 10 Clairol Hair Color Glaze so that you’ll have enough product to fully saturate all your strands.

I have to say that I was a bit leery to try an at-home hair color product, since I exclusively use salon brands, but I was more than impressed with the Perfect 10 Clairol Hair Color Glaze. With the easy instructions, mess free applicator system and shine enhancing formula; it definitely gets a 10 from Will Blog for Beauty!

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  1. I agree. Best hair color product I have ever used and does cover the grey! Easy to use and leaves hair shiny and soft.



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