Fashion Watch: Plaid Shirt Fad

Is the plaid shirt fad back? It seems that the fad, originally hot in the early 90’s during the grunge/Nirvana era (when they were not only plaid, but flannel) are making quite a comeback these days. I’ve seen everyone from Jennifer Garner to my girlfriend Lindsey wearing these shirts…they are everywhere.

Will Blog for Beauty knows the plaid shirt fad has come back around because stylists such as Marc Jakobs, Michael Kors and Juicy are all marketing their own version. Although, I cannot go back to the grunge era and wear a plaid shirt this season myself; if you love the look, you can wear it and look cute too with a few stylish touches.

The plaid shirt fad is uber-popular with celebs and is typically worn un-tucked and with the sleeves rolled slightly, giving a relaxed vibe to your entire ensemble. Wear your plaid shirt with fitted pants and knee-high boots for a super cute and ultra trendy look.

If you are brave enough to take on this farmer’s fashion staple, follow Will Blog for Beauty’s plaid shirt fad fashion advice to make sure you look fashionable and not frumpy.

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