Lazy Days of Winter Hairstyles

Lazy days aren’t just reserved for summer hairstyles; I have not felt like doing my hair for a week! This horrendous California weather doesn’t help my efforts either. Have you felt like this lately too? Could we be experiencing what I am going to dub ‘the lazy days of winter’? It seems that I am not the only one feeling this way. Celebrities like Michelle Williams (pictured above at this years Sundance Film Festival) have been skimping on their hairstyles and makeup lately.

But today I realized that you can still have cute hair and great looking skin without much effort. Use these tips next time you are having a lazy day of winter:

For Great Looking Skin:

Combine three steps in one with a tinted moisturizer. Most tinted moisturizers have SPF in them, so you can forget about putting on moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation separately. A tinted moisturizer will give you light coverage and a healthy looking complexion.

For a Natural Makeup Look:

After putting on a tinted moisturizer to make your skin look great, fake a natural makeup look with just a few items. Use Vaseline on both your lips and eyelids for a fresh and dewy look. Then swipe a coat or two of mascara on lashes. Finish the look with a bit of blush to perk up your skin.

Great No-Fuss Hairstyles:

You can pull off those bed head hairstyles that are so hot right now very easily. Spray in a sea salt spray or texturizing spray while hair is wet and then scrunch. Then scrunch in a frizz controlling serum to fight frizz and flyaways. Allow hair to air dry on your way to work. You’ll be left with a beachy looking hairstyle.
For those who want a more pulled together look, the side ponytail is always chic and easy. Simply pull strands to the side, smooth hair and secure with a hair band. If you can spare an extra fifteen seconds, wrap a strand of hair around the hair band to conceal it and secure with a bobby pin.

Another way to fake pulled-together hairstyles that look like you spent a lot of time on them is to allow hair to dry overnight which will bring out the natural texture in your hair. Then, simply curl the front strands of hair away from your face for sexy waves.

Readers, do you have any suggestions for skin, makeup or hairstyles for these lazy days of winter? Leave your comments.

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