Kim Kardashian's Smoky Eye Makeup Trick

Who doesn’t love Kim Kardashian’s Smoky Eye Makeup look? Although she recently had a make-under thanks to Glamour Magazine, she is still sporting her signature smoky eye makeup everywhere. Kim shared some of her tips to get a smoky eye makeup look with Glamour.

Kim suggested putting a darker color on your bottom eye lid than on your top one. Glamour says to wear a shimmery gold on your upper lids with a smoky brown color in your creases, then adding a dark smoky gray color to your bottom lids.

They also suggested trying other color combinations like navy on bottom, silver on top; plum on bottom, lavender on top or brown on bottom and shimmery beige on top.
This look helps you to avoid that raccoon-like look that can sometimes happen when putting a dark color all over and around eyes. I’ll definitely be trying this smoky eye makeup trick soon!

Learn more about how to do Kim Kardashian’s smoky eye makeup from this ">video

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