Perk Up Your Pout with Pink Lip Gloss

If your are needing a little pick-me-up, do it with one product; pink lip gloss. Pink lip gloss or lipstick is an easy way to brighten up your skin tone. Pink lip gloss can be worn by anyone.

If you look better in warm tones (browns, beiges, oranges, corals, etc.), choose a pink lip gloss or lipstick with orange or gold undertones like NARS lip gloss in Belize which is a pretty pink with gold flecks.

If you look better in cool tones (blues, greys, purples, etc.), then choose a pink lip gloss or lipstick with blue-purple undertones in it like MAC’s Lovelorn Lipstick color.

Now, should you choose a lip gloss or lipstick? A lip gloss is perfect for anyone wanting to add not only color, but shine to their lips. Lip glosses are not typically long lasting but can offer added elements such as plumpers and more.

Lipsticks give a longer lasting color and are typically a matte finish. Lip sticks are not as sticky as lip gloss is, therefore if it is a windy day, your hair will not stick to your lips.

The choice is yours between the pink lip gloss or lipstick. I prefer lip gloss myself because I can get a plumping kind and it gives me shine.

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