Beauty News: Celebrity Hair Styles

Wow, what a change in celebrity hair styles over the weekend. Salma Hayek chopped her locks and Nicole Richie went for a richer, darker color.

Salma Hayek, famous for her long, dark hair went along with the latest celebrity hair styles trends and cut her hair into a sleek bob. The look is grown-up and gorgeous and I absolutely love it. Short hair is very sleek, very sexy and very simple to style if you have the right haircut. I think I may be stealing her style soon!

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Nicole Richie went darker, opting for a rich, chestnut brown that really compliments her skin tone. With two kids under two, she is no doubt trying to find something low maintenance (I can relate). I think the look is very pretty on her and she will find it much easier to maintain.

What do you think of these celebrity hair styles? Sound off with your comments!

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