Clairol Hair Color Campaign

Will Blog for Beauty got wind recently that Clairol hair color brand Nice 'n Easy has a new campaign with Angela Kinsey from The Office as their spokesmodel. Angela plays GiGi, your guardian girlfriend who will fearlessly lead you to the perfect Clairol hair color.

The Clairol hair color website for Nice 'n Easy helps you choose your hair color in three steps and even offers help from 'GiGi' as well as live support via their 800 number or a live chat on the site.

This is great for all those hoping to save a few bucks by coloring their hair at home with Clairol hair color (or any other brand for that matter). My advice? Stick to only coloring your roots in-between visits to the salon. A DIY hair color job shouldn't be the kind where you are trying to drastically change your current look. Leave that up to the professionals. But, if you want to color your roots or change your color within a shade or two of your current color, by all means, save some cash and DIY. Remember to follow directions and don't be afraid to call their hotline (or contact Will Blog for Beauty) if you have any quesions.

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