The Product I'm Loving Right Now

Remember that little Sephora shopping spree I blogged about in this post? I am a little bit embarrassed to say that I never tried out that eye primer sample from Too Faced. I am even more embarrassed to say that I have never even used an eye primer. Boy, I was missing out on some good stuff!

I am now obsessed!

If you didn't read about my Sephora shopping spree post here, then let me share the Too Faced eye primer that I am raving about with you:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
I really love this stuff - here is what it did for my eye shadow (I am wearing the shadow on my right eye, which is on your left...obviously - and then on my other eye I have the same shadow but no primer):

It makes such a difference, don't you think?

I may just have to use this on a daily basis! Do you wear an eye primer?

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