Heart Nail Art

I tried out some fun new nail art designs that were inspired by (where else) Pinterest. I love the little heart accent on the ring finger, don't you? It just adds an extra something special. Maybe you've seen this one around maybe not, but here it is anyways:
Heart Nail Art
For some reason the heart came out better on my right hand, here is a close-up:

Heart Nail Art

It was so easy to do! Here's how to do your own nifty nail art at home:

Things You'll Need:

Polish (in your choice of color)
Glitter polish (also in your choice of color)
Top Coat

Step 1: Paint all nails except your ring finger in your choice of bright color (I chose Blowfish Red by LA Splash Nail Polish)

Step 2: Paint your ring finger in your choice of contrasting glitter (I used a combination of LA Splash glitter polishes to get just the right look for this nail art)

Step 3: Allow ample drying time. If you are unpatient like I am, use a quick dry topcoat to speed up this step.

Step 4: Dip a toothpick into your polish shade from Step 1 and create a heart design. (I'd suggest practicing on a piece of paper first).

Step 4: Apply a top coat to all fingers.

Here's one more look at this cutesy little design:

Nail Art 3

I'd love to see some of your nail art - share with us via email and you can be featured in my next nail post!

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