Have You Heard of Blogilates?

Ugh, raise your hand if you hate spending hours at the gym everyday too? I know I can't be alone here! I like my workouts short and sweet - I don't want to log more than an hour per day okay!?

I love 30 minutes or less and I love those little 10 minute quick-fixes. That's why I was so happy when I stumbled upon Blogilates. It is a blog written by pilates-instructor Cassey, who teaches classes at a few local gyms. I can't say enough about it - she posts all sorts of interesting tidbit  including diets and mini workouts. Oh, and did I mention these little quick-fix workout videos are FREE on her blog?! You have to check her out!

I have been doing her muffin top meltdown workout in preparation for my upcoming Palm Springs trip and it has been helping me firm up the muffin top like nothing else - I love it!

Go check her out at Blogilates.com

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