Look What Just Came in the Mail...

Look what just came for me in the mail:

It's the Smashbox Shades of Fame Lip Gloss Set and I LOVE IT!

I just love what I do. Blogging and writing about the beauty industry is just the best {as long as you don't mind being a guinea pig, that is}. I get to test out all of these goodies to see which is the best for you. It sounds glamorous, doesn't it? Trust me - it isn't....BUT, it is a lot of fun.

The upside of doing what I do is definitely all the fun beauty products I get to test. The downside is when I test stuff that doesn't work or gives me a bad reaction {yep, it has happened more than once}. So trust me when I say that I will only recommend products to my readers that I truly love.

Anyway, back to what just came in the mail...the Smashbox Shades of Fame Gloss Set. I got this and immediately opened it and tried them all on. If you are a gloss addict like me, you'll love the variety - this one has five different shades {candy, buff, hibiscus, papaya and star}.

My faves are the hibiscus and papaya shades. Here is what those two look like on:

The shade above is the hibiscus. It is a really juicy pink color.

The picture above shows the papaya color which is a really subtle coral-y type of pink color.

I love these glosses because the colors are universal and would work well on anyone. Plus, the best part is that they aren't uber-sticky and look really pretty and shiny on. I think that this would be a really fun gift for a lip gloss loving friend or even for yourself. The set runs $29.00 and can be found at your closest Sephora.

Just for reference, here is the front and back of the packaging:

Have you tried this set yet? If so, which is your favorite shade?


  1. Gorgeous shades on you! May have to pick up one next time I'm at Sephora:)


  2. Kristle,

    you blog about my guilty pleasure, Make-up. I have been know to read make-up blogs and watch tutorial videos for hours. Can't wait to get back to Sephora.

    So glad you stopped by ohsopinteresting.com and shared some blog love. You now have a new subscriber!

  3. Oh my goodness I love smashbox and those are so very pretty.

    <3 Marina



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