How to Add Social Media Icons in Blogger

What do you all think of the new look? I hope you like it! I have to give a big shout out to the Adventures as a Small Town Mom blog for helping me put these pretty little pink social media icons off to the right of this post. Yep folks, that's right - you can now stalk me through all my social media outlets like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

For those of you with blogs of your own who don't have social media icons because you are:

A) Too cheap {don't be ashamed - I am a cheapskate too} to pay for someone to add them for you.

B) Too under-educated in the realm of web formatting {yep, I'm raising my hand too}.


C) Just too lazy {me again}.

You really have no more excuses because it is sooo easy. Here's how to get your own social media icons:

Step 1: Open a Photobucket account if you don't already have one. (Make sure your account is set to Public).

Step 2: Download the social media icons you would like on your blog. I found mine on Pinterest but here a couple articles with really nice icons/icon packages that you can download for free:

33 Beautiful Social Media Sets for Designers and Bloggers
The Best Social Media Icons All in One Place
Step 3: Upload the icons to your Photobucket account.

Step 4: Open up a blank text file or word document. Note: You don't have to do this step, but I did it to help me through the process.

Step 5: In Photobutcket, navigate to one of the icons you want to use. Click in the box next to HTML code and paste it into a word or text document.

Step 6: For each HTML code you pasted in your text or word document, update href with your direct url for that respective icon. For example, for the Twitter icon update href with your twitter url ( your twitter @name). (See Image below)
Step 7:  Go to Design in Blogger and click Add Gadget.

Step 8: Select the HTML/JAVA SCRIPT gadget.

Step 9: Copy and paste in your HTML code from your word or tect doc of the icon(s) you want to display on your blog in the Content section.

Step 10: Click Save and voila - you should now have social media icon(s).

Were you able to do it? I had to tweak some things a few time but it all turned out ok in the end run. Now if I could only figure out how to change my post title color - I want it pink! If anyone knows how to do that PLEASE let me know :0)

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