Video Tutorial: Twisted Bangs

Are you in the process of growing out your bangs right now? Remember that little bang trim tutorial I made for you? If not, you can see it here. Anyhow, after cutting them off, I now feel like growing them back out. {I know, I am very indecisive, aren't I}. So, while in the process of growing them out, I have now hit the awkward and dreaded "in-between" stage. But instead of just dealing with it, I came up with a cute idea I wanted to share:

So, I thought I would make a little tutorial on what to do with your bangs while you are growing them out for all of you that are in my same boat. So without further ado: {side note: thank you YouTube for putting the most glamorous picture of me possible out there for everyone to see before they view my video}

Outfit Details:
Top: Nordstrom Rack
Necklace: Target

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