TUTORIAL: Fabric Rosette Accessory

Have you seen those little fabric rosette's on Pinterest and in Blogland lately? I think they are simply adorable! What's great is that they look cute on so many different things. You can spruce up a simple headband, add pizazz to a shirt or sweater or even add them to jewelry for a bit of something fun. Anyways, I thought this would make a great DIY project for me {and you too} so I made my own. And so that you can make your own, here is a little how-to:

Fabric Rosette Accessory Tutorial

Things You'll Need:
Glue {I used Tacky Glue but prefer to use hot glue}

Step 1: Start with some scrap fabric. I just used some white cotton muslin I had stashed away but you can use whatever cotton-y type fabric you want to:

Step 2: Then, cut one-inch strips from your fabric like-so {the length will vary depending on how big you want your rosette to be ~ I used a 2 foot long section of the fabric.

Step 3: Then, you should have a strip {or a couple strips if you are making multiple fabric rosette's} Make a knot at the very end of one strip:

Step 4: You'll put a little dot of glue onto the knot {my first attempt, I used fabric glue. On my second attempt, I used hot glue...needless to say, hot glue works sooo much better}:

Step 5: Ok, here is the tricky part~you will have to simultaneously twist the length of fabric while wrapping it around and around the knot AND applying glue every so often so that it all stays together {so I apologize in advance for the blurry pic but it was tough to twist, wrap, glue and snap a pic at the same time}:

Step 6: Now that the tough part is over, you should be left with this:

Step 7: The fun part is deciding what to accessorize with it. I am making up a few of these to add to headbands for my girls but the one I made for this tutorial was used to add a little something extra to my pink pearl necklace:
Adorable, right?

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