Thanks to Lemuel Craft
I got a flyer in the mail for local Dish Deals that are available right now. I normally just throw out all the junk mail flyers that I get in the mail without even looking at them. They are usually things I am not interested in, like pizza delivery deals, and we never order pizza because my son is allergic to wheat. This time, however, I was looking through it to see if by chance there was a coupon for getting the oil changed on my car. We are going on a long road trip soon, and I definitely want to get the oil changedand the basic maintenance on the car taken care of before we live for the trip. While I was looking, I found the tv flyer and it got me really excited because my husband and I have been talking about getting a dish for awhile now, and hearing that they’ve got deals going on right now is just the push we need to finally make it happen for us.

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